Lathe Useful For Small-Lot Work


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Offered by Southwestern Industries, Inc., the TRAK TRL 2460SX features a 4.09" spindle through-hole and a geared head for maximizing performance at high and low speeds. Other machine features include a two-speed tailstock, P5 tapered roller bearings and digital servomotors. 


The lathe is equipped with the ProtoTRAK SLX CNC. This particular CNC features a user interface that differentiates it from production-oriented counterparts, says the company.  The lathe may be used manually with assists from the CNC for tapers and radii. Other SLX features include Spreadsheet Editing, informative graphics, networking capabilities and optional DXF file converters.


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VTM-1200YB Multitasking Turning Center Handles Large Parts

Okuma America Corp.’s VTM-1200YB multitasking CNC turning center handles heavy-duty turning and cutting of large parts and is ideal for machining large diameter workpieces, such as those in the aerospace and energy industries.