LCD Readout For Multiple Applications

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Acu-Rite’s Vue LCD readout is a direct replacement for the company’s 100S LED digital readout system.  An entry-level solution for manual machine tool applications, the console features a flat-screen, 5.7", transmissive display with a 320 × 240 resolution. In addition, the readout can display full text.


Users can configure the console for a one-, two- or three-axis display. The application software can be set for milling, turning or grinding/general use according to user needs. According to the company, this versatility eliminates the need for users to buy multiple application-specific consoles.


For ease of use, all prompts, instructions and help functions are visible as text or graphics on the screen. In addition, all standard routines are visible on the screen with graphics to guide users through simple questions. This saves time because users don't need to refer to a manual or memorize codes to access the system.


For milling, the readout features bolt-hole pattern calculations for full and partial circles with graphics, zero reset and preset features, tool-diameter compensation, near-zero warning and more. Turning features include sixteen tool offsets to simplify compensating for different tool sizes. The grinding and general use solution offers zero reset, linear error compensation, instant radius-to-diameter and inch-to-millimeter conversions and absolute/incremental display features.