LED Signaling Devices For Dangerous Environments

The EDLM and EDWM models are the latest additions to the company’s line of signaling devices designed for atmospheres that may contain a mixture of explosive gasses. The models can be operated in areas that are classified as Class I, Zone 1 or Zone 2, where gas and vapors in the factory or refinery are generated intermittently or under abnormal circumstances. The classes of gas and range of temperatures under which these devices can be implemented are gas groups II A, II B and II C and temperature classes T1 to T6. The signaling devices may not be used in a Class I, Zone 0 setting.   The explosion- and flame-proof units, which are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, have LED lights that can be flashing or continuous. The flashing cycle is 60 (±12) flashes per minute. The signaling devices are designed specifically for use in environments where chemical, petrochemical, mineral/natural gas or combustible dusts are present. The upper and lower cases are made of aluminum alloy with a melamine baking finish, which provides the flame-retardant property. The glass case is made of borosilicate glass, which adds resistance to thermal shock. According to the company, using these RoHS-compliant, explosion-proof towers can help regulate safety measures in the processing, material handling and storage of equipment for gases.