Length Gauges

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The new Spectro length gauges are said to be useful for process monitoring and automated production applications. Besides providing an accuracy of ±1 micrometer, these incremental length gauges have measuring ranges of 12 and 30 mm (0.47" and 1.2") and, in the current version, provide a reference mark. The company says the mechanical design of these new gauges respects the high dynamic requirements of automated production. For example, the length gauges are designed for plunger velocities up to 1.2 m/s (47 ipm). All versions feature a ball-bush guided plunger and a high degree of protection against contamination, the company says. There are also versions available for pneumatic plunger extension. The reference mark on the gauge is said to result in project productivity gains, particularly in linked machines. Because of incremental scanning according to the photoelectric principle, the length gauges are said to remain stable over long periods of operation, requiring no calibration.

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