Lift Table Enclosures

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The accordion-style Lift Table Enclosures are custom made to provide a physical barrier to help prevent personal injury, designed to protect the lifting mechanism from contaminants--minimizing downtime, maintenance costs and said to extend the life of the unit. One, two, three and four sided enclosers are available for lift, tilt and lift and tilt tables. The enclosures are constructed from vinyl coated polyester. The three-inch wide material is welded together at each corner before sewing. Rods are inserted into pockets every second convolution to maintain stability and add strength. On Four-sided units, a mesh breathing fabric is sewn into opposite sides of a convolution near the top to allow for the influx and expulsion of air as the enclosure cycles up and down. Extension straps are sewn on the inside of each unit to ease pressure on the stitching by creating uniform extension at each convolution. Galvanized mounting flatbar is included, if required, for installation into collars.

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