Lifting Device Offers Doubled Capacity

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The company offers a large-capacity lifting device to complement its current line of light-duty Grab Master lifting tongs. Model 1-X and 2-X tongs will lift twice as much as other Grab Master tongs in production, the company says. The models have a safe lifting capacity of 6,000 lbs and are adjustable in width from 20" to 48". The tools are designed for use with an overhead crane. As the crane hook rises vertically, the scissors-action closes on the outside diameter of the part to be lifted. This increases the pinching action until the resistance is overcome, and the item is lifted. Suitable applications include the direct loading onto machines or trucks without the use of magnets, slings and eyebolts; and grabbing and holding ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The lifting tools can stack parts without the need for separators and require no electrical power.