Lifting Magnet Demonstration

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The SafeHold APL lifting magnet from Eriez is suited for hard-to-reach areas such as burn tables, and it can operate on a three-stroke cycle. First, the magnet is placed on a workpiece, and the slide latch is changed from a “locked” to an “unlocked” position. Next, the operator raises the magnet with a crane hook. As the crane lifts and raises the magnet actuating plunger in the center of the magnet, the magnet is activated and the workpiece is held and lifted. The secure workpiece is then transported to its destination and lowered into position. While lowering the workpiece into position, the magnet actuating plunger is lowered and must return to its “down” position. Once the actuating plunger comes to rest, the magnet can be lifted and removed from the workpiece. A video demonstration is available on the company’s Web site.

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