Lightweight, Compact Robot For Small Lot Sizes

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Available from Fanuc Robotics, the LR Mate 200iC mini-robot is designed for small-part, flexible production. According to the company, the six-axis robot is useful for high-speed part handling, machine tending, assembly and material removal applications. With a lightweight design to increase flexibility in small or narrow workspaces, the robot can be mounted in various positions, including floor, tabletop, inside machines, various angles and inverted. In addition, the robot is equipped with the company's iRVision system, a robotic vision package that requires only a camera and a cable with no additional processing hardware. The system features a 2D robot-guidance tool for part location, error proofing and other operations. Other features include high wrist-load capacity, a slim arm for narrow spaces and support for various intelligent funcitons, including an internal programmable controller (PMC), Ethernet and force sensing.

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