Line Of Indexing Units And Rotary Tables

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Available from Indexing Technologies, ITI Exact indexing units and rotary tables are designed for machining centers and drillling, grinding or honing machines.


Two versions of the standard multi-spindle table, a universal model and a model for heavy-duty operations, are available with two, three or four faceplates. The universal version is used for contouring and/or infinite positioning, while the heavy-duty model uses a three-piece Hirth coupling to provide fixed indexing increments.


All table assemblies can be aligned horizontally or vertically. When used horizontally to machine long shaft-type parts, the tables are available with various standard manual and automatic support tailstocks. Faceplates are prepared with T-slots and precision center pilot holes for positioning and mounting part fixtures during setups.


The CNC multi-spindle tables are driven simultaneously via a single servomotor and feedback system selected for compatibility with the host machine. Featuring a dual-lead worm gear system for backlash control during fourth-axis rotation, the tables are supported by high-precision bearings. Each faceplate is fitted with a brake assembly designed to accommodate high radial and tangential cutting forces.


Indexing versions of the multi-spindle units have sealed, non-lifting faceplates driven by either a hydraulic rack-and-pinion system or a drive motor. Mechanical position is determined by a selectable number of teeth in the Hirth coupling, which has an accuracy of ±4 arcseconds. The indexing amount can be either fixed or changeable to suit application requirements.

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