Linear Guideway Accessories

Schneeberger, Inc. has announced an addition to its line of Monorail BM linear guideway accessories. Already available for Monorail MR, the BAC Coverstrip for Ball Monorail is designed as an alternative to the traditional plastic caps that cover the counterbored mounting holes in a profile rail of a precision linear guideway assembly.


One potential benefit of using the product is quick, easy installation, the company says.   The cover strip is placed on the top of the rail and snapped into a full-length rail groove where the holes are drilled.


Because the width of the cover strip is narrower than the width of the guide rail, the exposed surface on top of the rail that is precision ground can be used as a reference during assembly.


The product also provides contamination protection from coolant, dirt and various types of debris, as well as wiper protection. The wipers are protected during installation because the rough edges of the rail bores are recessed below the groove and do not come into contact with the wipers.