Live And Dead Centers Turn Large Components(2)

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Pratt Burnerd’s live and dead centers can be used for any application where large components need to be turned, ground or bored accurately. The range of the centers has been designed to meet the demands of precision engineering, with particular emphasis on difficult or heavy machining applications. Designed to give customers the most suitable center according to each application, centers can be selected depending on the required machine rpm, machine type, workpiece weight, accuracy considerations, shank taper or whether a live or dead center is required. The range includes special purpose live centers for applications in spline rolling, medical and lightweight components and workpieces requiring linear compensation. The standard range incorporates high rpm live and dead centers for precision turning applications, live centers for workpiece weights from 450 to 250,000 kg, high accuracy live and dead centers, live and dead centers for large bore parts, pipes, tubing and thin-walled workpieces. Exclusively configured bearings ensure high precision in performance and longevity. The multiple bearings are incorporated to spread the load along the full length of the taper. Bearing bores are ground concentric and coaxial to the taper in one operation to within +2.5µ TIR for maximum bearing life and accuracy. Accuracy of the centers is further enhanced by the gage line, cross section and robust spindle construction, according to the company. The threaded seal retainer allows easy bearing access and is lapped to be parallel to the bearing face. This ensures that the seal adapter makes complete contact with the face of the bearing for consistent accuracy and rigidity.

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