Live-Tool Turning Center For Flexible Line Planning

Available in single and twin-spindle models, the MD series of turning centers is designed for compact line operation, manufacturing flexibility, versatility and easy setup change. The MD120 is constructed with separate beds for each of the machine’s twin spindles, which virtually eliminates transfer of harmonic vibration, the company says. The 10-station turrets and the spindles are arranged parallel to one another in a column-type design said to provide rigidity, close tolerances and smooth axis movement. Live tools on the turret are a standard feature with spindle drive positioning control, and live toolheads are available as an option to suit various requirements. A programmable three-axis, swivel-head gantry loader allows part loading/unloading, palletizing and work transfer.   The machine can accommodate chucks as large as 8" (210 mm) in diameter. Spindle speed ranges from 45 to 4,5000 rpm, with motor capacity of 7.5kW/30 min. The 2.2 kW/15 min live tool can achieve speeds as fast as 3,000 rpm. The turret can accommodate milling tools with diameters ranging to 16 mm as well as M10 tapping tools.

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