Locking Cylinders Feature Rod Clamp

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Now offered are Advanced Machine & Engineering’s Series CCA advanced locking cylinders with Amlok rod clamp. The Amlok power off rod clamp has been developed to control over travel, drifting, bouncing and reverse traveling.


The oversized intensifier promotes a long service life, even under severe operating conditions, the company says. The high locking force will hold the rod in virtually any mid-stroke position. Clamping is accomplished through spring force, so drifting caused be a lack is air pressure is not probable. The rod clamp is offered as an integral unit with the series, but it can be added as a separate unit to an NFPA-MF1 style cylinder.


Because locking the rod clamp is accomplished mechanically by a spring and unlocked by air pressure, loss of air pressure will cause the unit to lock. The holding force depends upon the rod and piston diameter. The available holding forces can be multiplied by the addition of clamps to the same rod or by exchanging springs and increasing the release pressure.


The rod clamps are designed for locking reciprocating motions only. Specialized clamps are available upon request.


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