Low Cost Fixturing System

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System 9000 modular "Zero Point" fixturing is an inexpensive system that allows for the quick and accurate changing of pallets, workpieces, fixtures, vices, etc. Changing from one setup to another takes only a few seconds and eliminates the need to realign and locate after each change, according to the company.

Two types of clampers, Models 9001 and 9003, are available in two different clamping forces. They are normally in the closed position and are opened via air or hydraulic pressure. Axial loads of 2,200 lbs are standard, with up to 6,750 lbs of clamping force. The system offers positioning and repeatability to within .00039".

The H9001 clamper can be simply secured to a machine table or platen using toe clamps. The H9003 clamper can be partially or fully integrated into a base plate, a machine table or platen. Each clamper can be used individually or as part of a series. For example, in a four-clamper configuration, all four clampers can be used either to clamp one workpiece or four separate workpieces.

The system also uses three types of clamping journals. The "centering" journal is used to locate the center of the clamper. The "compensating" journal locates the radial position when two or more clampers are used for one workpiece. The third "clamping" journal is used for clamping pressure only in the remaining clampers when three or more are used to hold one workpiece. The clamping journals are easily mounted to pallets, workpieces, fixtures, vices, etc. via a standard socket head cap screw. The "centering" and "compensating" journals also require a locating bore.

The system can be used for any application to reduce set-up time. It is ideal for horizontal and vertical machining centers, grinding machines, coordinate measuring machines, vertical EDM's and more, according to the company.