Low Friction Rotary Tables Use Carbide Components

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The CNCB450 large bore rotary table is built for large-diameter bar work and oil-patch applications. It features a clamping system and a through-hole that is 8" in diameter. The company’s rotary tables are designed with a carbide worm system, which incorporates a carbide worm screw and an ion nitrided worm wheel rather than a conventional bronze or bronze alloy actuation mechanism. The result is said to be a reduction in friction and wear. The worm screw consists of a V-grade form of carbide, while the worm gear is ion nitrided to a depth of 0.1 mm, with an external surface hardness of 68 Rc. These properties, as well as a steel way hardened to 58 to 60 Rc, all work to enhance system rigidity and longevity and make the rotary table suitable for high speed, high-accuracy rotation, the company says

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