Machining Center

The Mycenter-H250 is a compact, high performance machining center with travels X, Y, Z of 12" × 12 × 13". A 4th axis (index table) provides a full 360 degrees rotation in 5 degree increments. Indexing speed is 9,000 degrees per minute. Rapid feed rates for the X, Y and Z axes is a fast 1,417 ipm. Maximum table load capacity is 132 lbs. The Mycenter-H250 features a positive, 180-degree rotating 2-pallet system designed for maximum efficiency and optimum operator convenience. It's 1.9 second pallet change time makes it the world's fastest pallet system for a machine in this class. Work can be safely fixtured on the pallet in the staging station while work on the second pallet is being machined. Guarding between the work envelope and staging station assures operator safety. A convenient foot pedal allows the operator to rotate the pallet in the staging area when fixturing work on tombstones. The Mycenter-H250 utilizes a 5-hp non-slip COG belt driven spindle (COG generator) that delivers high torque and cutting performance while reducing energy consumption. Standard spindle speed range is 80-8000 rpm with 300-12,000 and 300-15,000 rpm optional. The Mycenter-H250 utilizes Kitamura's proven fixed pot ATC system for optimum tool handling efficiency. Each tool is always returned to the same pot and the next tool to be used is kept ready in a stand-by pot. This reduces idle time and boosts productivity. Tool change time is a fast 1.2 seconds. Chip-to-chip time is 3 seconds. The Kitamura ATC is flexible too, and can accommodate large diameter cutters. Tools in the magazine can be easily and safety be accessed, even during machining. the center comes standard with an efficient chip removal system. An overhead shower washes chips in to a drop chute under the work envelope where a belt conveyor removes them to an external bin.

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