Machining Software Offers Lathe Support

Mastercam X7 for Solidworks features updated lathe support and workflow improvements.

New Product From: 2/21/2013 Modern Machine Shop

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Mastercam X7 for Solidworks features updated lathe support and workflow improvements. The software update introduces many of Mastercam Lathe’s tool paths, such as roughing tool paths to quickly remove large amounts of stocks, finish tool paths to follow the contour of chained geometry, and groove tool paths to machine indented or recessed areas. The Dynamic Rough tool path is designed for hard materials, and the Plunge Turn tool path is designed for special plunge turn tools. The 3D HST Project Toolpath function projects geometries or tool paths from earlier operations onto surfaces.


A Tool Manager organizes and manages tools and toolholding components, as well as creates tool assemblies. Five-axis oscillating tool motion improves tool life by avoiding repetitive machining with the same area of the tool. The Trim to Stock function for classic multi-axis tool paths automatically modifies tool paths to reduce air cutting. The Backplot and Verify utilities are available in a single interface to increase workflow efficiency.The Code Expert editor supports the MP.NET posting language, legacy MP, NC code and VB script. It includes configurable keyword highlighting, AutoComplete, prebuilt code snippets, outlining and bookmarks.

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