Magnetic Grippers Designed To Provide Secure Hold

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Schunk offers the Magnos Mau magnetic gripper for handling ferromagnetic workpieces. Adapted to fit on a robot arm, the grippers ensure a secure hold at limited space requirements at a low weight, the company says. In the handling of ferromagnetic workpieces, the electro-permanent magnets can be activated in seconds, the company says. The magnet grippers are designed to retain their hold even in the event of a power outage because electricity is only needed to activate and deactivate the magnets.   The magnetic grippers can be adapted to any robot arm, and the number of poles is variable. The pole size is 50 × 50 mm, which ensures the maximum degree of flexibility. The grippers are suited for loading and unloading machines and for handling both smaller and larger workpieces. The holding force per pole with an air gap of 0 mm is 380 da/N, and the cycle time is 20 seconds.   According to the company, the magnetic clamping solutions enable quick and easy clamping in stationary applications; moreover, the largely vibration- and deformation-free clamping improves the surface quality of the workpieces during the machining operation.

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