Marking Machine Equipped With Camera Verification System

Designed for high-precision, geometrical parts marking in aerospace applications, the Model 350 dot matrix machine features integrated image processing to provide marking verification for traceability and lot control. Available from Borries Marking Systems, the unit is equipped with three NC axes and an electronically controlled dot matrix head with integrated distance sensing. According to the company, these features improve repeatability and provide more control of data matrix geometry. The system uses Windows(R)-based software for layout generation.


The unit’s camera-verification system is designed to meet 3D properties of dot-peening data matrix codes on metal. Verification results are kept in a database along with marked data, allowing operators to save images and trace the properties of each dot.


The machine consists of a multiple-coordinate unit, a dot-peening system designed for AS 9132 image verification and a vertical NC axis. Other components include a three-axis controller with a 32-bit processor, an electric marking head with built-in height sensing and a cast aluminum table. Measuring 670 × 351 × 441 mm, the machine has a 100 × 50-mm working area. Marking speed ranges between 3 and 4 characters per second, and camera verification time is 3 seconds. 

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