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Solids collecting in the cutting oil, in turn causing pump screen plugging, is a common occurrence for screw machine operators. This often leads to unscheduled machine shutdowns, inconsistencies related to part finish and the necessity of having to shovel solids from pumps. According to Keller Products, Inc., issues such as these can be remedied with its PFA-1002 pump/filter unit.


As a result of its recirculation rate of 20 gpm, the portable unit can filter fines and chips in a matter of minutes. It can then be moved to another sump and set up for operation by connecting a 1/4" compressed air line.


A high-capacity bag filter, which removes solids as fine as 5 microns, is included, as is a self-priming pump that extracts the cutting oil from the sump via a vacuum hose. The cutting oil is then carried into the bag filter, and the filtered liquid is returned to the sump. The force of the cleansed liquid discharge scours the bottom of the sump, so chips and fines are suspended in the oil for pickup by the inlet hose. Because the oil is not drained from the sump during the cleaning operation, the machine tool need not be taken offline for solids removal.




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