Measure Form and Roughness in One Pass

The Roundscan scanning system combines automatic measurement of form, cylindricity and roughness characteristics in a single machine.

New Product From: 6/30/2010 Modern Machine Shop

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The Roundscan scanning system combines automatic measurement of form, cylindricity and roughness characteristics in a single machine. The system was developed in response to the need for an economic method to measure increasingly tight form and position tolerances as well as the influence of surface roughness on component functionality, the company says. The machine can accommodate parts as heavy as 100 kg that range to 900 mm long and 540 mm in diameter.
Measuring axes are equipped with high-precision, low-friction guides to enable evaluating profile and waviness parameters in addition to roughness. With a large measuring stroke of ±1,500 µm, the system is said to possess excellent linearity across the entire measuring range without sacrificing resolution. This enables measurement of irregular workpiece geometries.
A dual-tip scanning system permits measurement of both form and roughness in one pass. Measurement is electronically controlled to ensure the probe is applied to the workpiece surface with the correct level of force. An active damping system and adapted housing are available for close-to-production applications. Other options include a range of accessories, including probe arms and special solutions for measuring pistons, connecting rods, crank shafts, gear shafts, brake discs and other components.
The drive system automatically centers and levels the workpiece, while CNC-controlled axes ensure reduced measuring times, the company says. Combined with high positioning accuracy in each axis, this is said to enable repeatable measurement results.
A CNC-controlled rotation and tilt module that positions the probe tip anywhere on the workpiece. This guarantees that form or roughness measurements can be performed automatically at any position without operator intervention. Optional linear scales enable evaluation of heavily tilted conical forms. The system is available in different versions depending on the application, and it is designed ergonomically with rotating and height-adjustable work areas.  


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