Measuring Large Diameters

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Gagemaker’s MIC 360 takes in-process measurements of machined and ground diameters. The gage measures internal, external, straight or tapered diameters of machined parts. Accuracies as high as ± 0.002" for diameters less than 12", ± 0.001" for diameters as large as 240" and ± 0.002" for diameters as large as 360" can be achieved.


Two models are available: a wireless model, which uses an infrared signal to submit measurements to the gage’s computer, and a wired model, which measures the diameter and the runout of a part.


The base unit of both models mounts to many conventional toolholders, the company says. The unit tracks the diameter wheel around the part as it rotates. During each rotation, measurements are transmitted to the MIC 360’s computer, which, in turn, displays the information on the digital readout.



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