Measuring Machine For Shaft Inspection

Marposs’ M110 Optoflex measuring machine for the dimensional inspection of shafts and shaft-like parts is now available. This fully automatic measuring system uses optoelectronic technology, which allows for inspecting a range of shaft or shaft-type parts.


Designed for use in the shopfloor environment, it can be integrated into a production line for inter-operational or final inspection of parts, with the possibility of feedback to the machine tool. Likewise, the system can be used as an audit station or for post process inspection applications.


A noteworthy characteristic of the system is its flexibility, the company says. Using shadow cast optoelectronic technology—an alternative to traditional contact and air-to-electronic solutions—offers the ability to perform measurements without touching the part, so several part types can be checked without operator intervention.

Performable checks using the gauge include static and dynamic diameters, roundness, stroke, index and straightness, as well as profile analysis such as measurement of an undercut radius.


Additionally, the machine can measure parts up to 200 mm in diameter, with a maximum length of 800 mm and a maximum weight of 80 kg. The maximum counterweight overall size capacity is 240 mm in diameter.  



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