Mechanical Vacuum Lifter Has No Hooks, Grabs or Magnet

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According to the company, the Mechanical lifter is a self-contained and self-powered vacuum lifter for handling all types of metal plates and sheets including aluminum and stainless steel, without leaving marks.

The vacuum lifter features a self-cycling valve and piston that is said to create a powerful suction when lowered from a crane onto a load, says the company. Eliminating hooks, grabs, magnets, noise and pollution, the company says only the rubber vacuum pad touches the load, which prevents damage.

The company reports that their vacuum is safe to use around CNC equipment, as there are no electromagnetic fields. Also, the vacuum lifter is said to be self-contained and controlled by the action of the hoist being raised and lowered. The company says their lifter is available in single and multiple-pad configurations with capacities up to 15,000 lbs, can be transported from crane to crane and can operate anywhere.


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