Medical-Grade Barstock For Swiss-Type Machines

Dynamet, a subsidiary of Carpenter Technology, says its titanium Ultrabar offers tight dimensional tolerances and quality roundness, straightness and finish requirements while maintaining consistency from end-to-end and lot-to-lot. Designed for small precision parts on Swiss-type machines, the bar is suited for posts, abutments and healing caps in dental implants as well as for parts in other industries requiring exacting dimensional tolerances.


The company says the bar works well with automatic feeders and can be run at high speeds and feeds because it moves efficiently through guide bushings. It is designed to reduce vibration, interruptions in production and downtime for machine adjustments. In addition, its dimensional tolerance and size consistency eliminate the need for conversion grinding, the company says. Offered in several medical grades, the bar is available in diameters ranging from 0.11811" (3 mm) to 0.47244" (12 mm). Lengths range to 14' (4.26 m).

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