Metrology Software Connects Instruments Wirelessly

Mahr Federal offers version 5.2 of its MarCom Professional metrology software for free on its website.

Mahr Federal offers version 5.2 of its MarCom Professional metrology software for free on its website. MarCom 5.2 is a metrology software interface for connecting measuring instruments wirelessly or by cable. It enables direct transfer of measured values into Microsoft Excel, SPC software or text file, and can manage signals from as many as 32 wireless measuring instruments and 128 instruments connected via USB cables.

According to the company, wireless transmission of measurements speeds up the quality assurance process, provides more efficient data processing, and simplifies the recording and documenting process. The user can push a button or use a keyboard command, timer, remote control or foot switch to send data from the gage to a USB i-stick radio receiver plugged into a computer. Each i-stick can receive data from as many as eight gages using integrated wireless technology. For those measuring instruments that do not have an integrated wireless interface, the company can add an external transmission module.

The software is said to enable fast and easy setup, and the cell control is designed to be flexible. Measured values from connected devices can be transferred into separate Excel columns, tables or files, ensuring the reliability of data documentation. The software also enables readings to be passed on to an SPC/CAQ software.

Wireless data transmission capability is now integrated into the company’s MarCal digital calipers and MarCator digital indicators. In addition, its line of mechanical comparative gages can be upgraded for wireless data transmission with the addition of a MarCator 1086 or 1087 wireless digital indicator. The line includes an array of snap, ID and OD, fixed, and adjustable bore gages and depth and comparator stands. Wireless digital indicators are designed to make these gages faster and more productive.

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