Microfiltration System Requires Little Floor Space

The Vomat FA 480 – 960 series machines process from 126-254 gallons per minute.

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The Vomat FA 480 – 960 series machines process from 126-254 gallons per minute. With dimensions of 1,400 × 2,500 × 1,200 mm (55” × 98” × 48”) Vomat systems require little floor space. The tank’s oil volume is about 1,200  gallons and the variable oil volume is around 160 gallons. The filter housing displays separate compartments for dirty and clean oil. The high capacity filter cartridges are long lasting, backwashable and can be used with materials, such as carbide, HSS, PKD and CBN. These filters require less maintenance and no filtration agents, as some settling filters do.

Vomat’s full stream filtration systems warrant a 100-percent separation between dirty and clean oil. The system filter supply pump is frequency controlled, which allows for controlled and on-demand filtration. The filters are timely cleaned, when required, which also saves energy and keeps the fluid at peak performance.

During the back wash cycle, their filtration system continues to supply clean oil to the workpiece. Many other systems retain dirty oil in the process supply line and transfer heat to the fluid, while in back flushing mode.

Vomat features as a standard an integrated compressor cooling system. It is possible to install the cooling unit also as a peripheral or resort to cooling via heat exchanger in case there is a plant-wide cool water system available.

Apart from conventional sludge disposal via a sludge bag, Vomat offers a fully automatic disposal system, called the Sedimentator. With this option, the sludge is deposited in 55-gallon drums, with less than 5 percent remaining fluid content ready to be picked up by your favorite recycler. 

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