Micrometer Offers 0.1 μm Resolution Measurement

The high-accuracy Digimatic digital micrometer from Mitutoyo America offers 0.1-μm resolution.

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The high-accuracy Digimatic digital micrometer from Mitutoyo America offers 0.1-μm-resolution measurement. It uses the company’s Absolute rotary sensor with high-precision screw machining technology designed to reduce instrument error to ±0.5 μm, delivering high accuracy without sacrificing operability, the company says.

The Absolute system is said to eliminate the need to reset the origin each time power is turned on, enabling measurement immediately upon startup. In addition, the measurement origin can be preset to virtually any value within the display range to reduce setup time and improve repeatability. The display can be zeroed at any position, easing comparison measurement. Display resolution can be switched to 0.5μm if 0.1-m measurement is not required.

The handheld micrometer features a rigid frame for stable measurement, and a constant-force barrel/spindle mechanism is designed to eliminate over-speed errors. A removable heat shield reduces transference of body heat to the instrument, minimizing errors attributable to thermal expansion while measuring.

The micrometer also supports output to measurement-data applications such as the company’s MeasurLink statistical-processing and process-control program, which also can be linked to a higher-level-network environment for enterprise-wide functionality.