Mill, Drill, Bore And Tap Large Components

Phillips Olympia, a subsidiary of Phillips Corporation, has added the VMC-DC to its current lineup of large vertical turning lathes and horizontal boring mills.


Featuring XYZ axis travels of 136", 68" and 39.4", the machine has an A axis index with 360,000 positions and a table load of 22,000 lbs. The 30-hp cartridge-type spindle performs at speeds as high as 3,500 rpm, with a maximum torque of 1,800 foot-pounds with an ISO 50 taper. Ballscrew diameters are 3.5" on all linear axes, all of which are controlled by Fanuc AC digital driver motors with 6.4 hp and 22 foot-pounds of torque.


While this line can be equipped with linear ways as dictated by the customer or application parameters, the standard way design features hardened and ground steel square ways with a Turcite coating. Heidenhain scales with 0.0001" resolution are available for all linear axes.