Milling Inserts For High Speed Aluminum Machining

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Engineered to maximize productivity when machining aerospace aluminum alloys, such as 7075, Kennametal Inc.’s Mill1 Max line of tooling provides 90-degree walls at 25-mm axial depth of cut and high speed cutting (25,000 rpm for a 1.5" cutter, or 9,800 sfm).


The milling inserts are available with various corner radii, ranging in size from 0.8 mm to 6.4 mm, along with end mills, shell mills and integral shank (monoblock) toolholders. In addition to providing good surface finishes, the inserts feature face topography that is said to reduce cutting forces and improve chip control.


While useful for aerospace applications, the product is also suited for automotive, die/mold and a range of other aluminum machining applications.





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