Milling Lathes and Turning Centers

Methods Machine Tools’ Feeler milling lathes and turning centers include the HT, FTC and FT series.

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Methods Machine Tools’ Feeler milling lathes and turning centers include the HT, FTC and FT series.

The company’s HT series lathes include the HT-30MC power milling turret machine, the HT-30Y model with a power milling turret and Y axis, and the HT-30SY machine featuring a power milling turret, Y axis and a subspindle. Each lathe features a 3,500-rpm, 30-hp spindle with 10" (254 mm) chuck diameter and 3" (78 mm) bar capacity. The HT-30SY also offers a 6,000-rpm, 15-hp subspindle with a 6" (170-mm) diameter chuck and 1.7" (44 mm) bar capacity. X-axis travel measures 7" + 3.2" (178 + 82 mm) and Z-axis travel measures 31.3" (795 mm) in each machine. The HT-30Y and HT-30SY models also offer a Y-axis travel measuring 3.9" ±2" (100 ±50 mm). All three models feature a 30-degree slant bed with hand-scraped slideway surfaces. Maximum turning diameter is 14" (356 mm) and maximum turning length is 27.75" (705 mm). A 12-position power turret with milling capability and FANUC 18i-TB control are included.

The company’s FTC series turning centers include the FTC-150 and FTC-200L models and feature linear guideways on the X and Z axes. The machines feature 30-degree slant-bed construction and a Fanuc 0i-TD control. The FTC-150 offers a 6,000-rpm, 15-hp spindle with a 6" (170 mm) hydraulic chuck diameter and 2" (52 mm) bar capacity. X-axis travel measures 5.9" + 0.8" (150 mm + 20 mm) and Z-axis travel measures 13.8" (350 mm). The turning center includes a 10-station turret and offers a 11.8" (300 mm) maximum turning diameter and a 12.6" (320 mm) maximum turning length.

The FT series turning centers offer slant-bed/boxway construction and include a Fanuc 0i-TD control and 12-station turret. The six models in this series (FT-200A, FT250A, FT-350L, FT-350AL, FT-500 and FT-500XL) feature spindles ranging from 5,000-rpm/20-hp to 1,500-rpm/50-hp motors and offer chuck diameters ranging from 8" to 18" (210 to 450 mm). Bar capacity ranges from 2.6" to 6.4" (65 to 162 mm).

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