Mineral Cast Chuck Supports Interface Centering System

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The company offers it TOPlus mineral cast chuck and Centrex centering system to improve workholding operations. According to the company, the TOPlus mineral cast chuck offers more holding power, central lubrication, improved dampening characteristics and a clamping head that fits solidly to the chuck surfaces. The workholding design of the chuck seeks to prevent radial displacement between the clamping head and chuck body, resulting in a seal against contamination.   Working with the TOPlus system is the Centrex interface centering system, which is said to solve the issue of cumbersome alignments of workholding tools. The system is designed to increase precision and provide a more rapid setup, the company says. It uses precision steel ball bearings in a rubber ring in conical positioning elements and has also been integrated into a pallet system that is provides a repeatability of less than 3 µ, as well as increased contact are for better holding. The four bushings and positioning cones are ready-mounted, allowing the pallets to be fastened to each other with exact repeatability. According to the company, the applications of the system are endless and exact, and change-over times are minimized, resulting in enhanced machining uptime and increased profitability.

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