Mini VMC Resists Heat Generation

Sharp Industries offers its SV-2414 boxway mini mill with X-, Y- and Z-axis travels measuring 23.6" × 15.7" × 18.1".

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Sharp Industries offers its SV-2414 boxway mini mill with X-, Y- and Z-axis travels measuring 23.6" × 15.7" × 18.1". The compact vertical machining center is equipped with a Big Plus spindle system that provides dual contact between the spindle face and the flange face of the tooling. The spindle offer speeds ranging to 10,000 rpm and features an air-blower nozzle system for cutting dry and air-blast capabilities to blow away chips during tool changes. It is equipped with high-pressure flood coolant with adjustable nozzles.

Structural components are made of Meehanite casting with internal ribs running throughout each section for increased stiffness. All structural mating surfaces are precisely hand-scraped to increase flatness and improve geometric accuracy. Guideways are induction-hardened and precision-ground. Each axis is driven by a high-precision double-nut ballscrew centered between the guideways. The pre-tensioned ballscrews are anchored at both ends with angular contact bearings to eliminate play and avoid backlash. Mounting surfaces for the ballscrew nut also are hand-scraped to ensure that the nut is bolted square, avoiding heat generation and excessive wear. Turcite B is bonded to all sliding surfaces.

The milling machine is equipped with a chip drawer, and screw and flat belt-type chip conveyors are available as options. An electric cabinet heat exchanger helps to dissipate heat generated around the cabinet and control thermal expansion. An air reservoir tank with alarm stabilizes the incoming air pressure and volume for reliable operation of the toolchanger, draw bar and air gun. A large separate roll-out coolant tank prevents heat transfer from the coolant to the machine base casting. The machine can be equipped with either a FANUC Oi-Mate MD/Oi-MD or a Siemens 828D CNC.  

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