Minimum Quantity Lubricant For Near Dry Machining

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New Dry-Cut is minimum quantity lubricant for near dry machining on all metal cutting and forming applications and on all materials. Advantages, according to the company, include increased production, allowing applications to run at higher speeds; increased tool life by providing more lubricity; and reduced costs by eliminating flood coolant and waste disposal expenses. The company says the lubricant improves the work environment and is ecologically sound. It is said to be safe, non-toxic, non-polluting, non-drying and non-staining, and it contains no chlorine, silicones or petroleum products. The product is useful for forming, drilling, tapping, reaming, sawing, sanding, grinding, milling, punching, stamping, shearing, forging, swaging, broaching, turning, press fitting and more.

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