Minimum-Vibration Machining Center

The NH4000 DCG horisontal machining center was designed to optimize dynamic characteristics and machined surface quality, the company says. Thanks to its Driven at the Center of Gravity (DCG) design, the net driving force of the machine acts through the center of the axis. A twin-ballscrew drive on the X-axis enables a reduction in vibration without sacrificing speed for accuracy.

Through what the company calls Force Loop Advanced Shape, or FLASH, the NH4000 DCG has been designed with a more stable platform that increases rigidity on all axes. The design allows machining forces to traverse across the box-in-box structure and through the bed—forming a closed loop, says the company, and resulting in a more stable platform.

Another feature is the company’s M3 or Minimum Moving Mass, which refers to digital analysis aimed at realizing an ideal mass for the machine to improve accuracy and dynamic response without compromising strength or vibration damping.

The clamping mechanism for the 15.7” square pallet uses a two-face cone coupler.  This feature benefits users most in high-thrust cuts near the top of the Y-axis travel.  During this cutting, the NH4000 DCG can handle a relatively high chip load because of reduced deflection and vibration.


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