Modular, Adjustable-Depth Combination Tools

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The Slip-Fit Qwik Twist adjustable-depth drilling and chamfering combination tools use standard Qwik-Twist replaceable drill points and chamfering inserts for 30-, 45- and 60-degree top hole chamfer angles.

These drills are available in sizes ranging from 0.295" to 0.823", with straight shanks. They can be adjusted for variable hole depths within the chamfer shank, and drill depth adjustments can be made in the spindle.


According to the company, with replaceable tips, the Qwik-Twist family of drills virtually eliminates the inventory and trafficking associated with regrinding solid carbide tools. As with indexable milling and turning, the operator can use the carbide point once, then replace it on the same shank.

Other features include opposing chamfer inserts that balance the cut for accurate machining and through-the-tool coolant.


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