Modular Conveyor Systems For Range Of Applications

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Available in light-, medium- and heavy-duty specifications, De-Sta-Co’s DCM conveyors are equipped with pivotal motor mounts for continuous operation and fast belt changes. The modular systems can combine to form complete production lines and adapt to specific user requirements.


The light-duty models are suited for applications such as part transfer to work cells, the company says. Offered with either end or center drives, the conveyors are driven by regulated, brushless 24-V DC motors with variable speed and selectable direction. According to the company, the light-duty system’s switchable electric motor reduces belt runout when stopping. Available in lengths at a maximum of 16' and chassis widths ranging from 1.77" to 5.5", the conveyors can accommodate parts as wide as 4.6".


Like the light-duty series, the medium-duty models are designed to operate with either a single or dual belt. Chassis widths ranging from 2.4" to 9.8" make the medium-duty conveyors useful for transporting larger pallets and other dimensionally stable products.


Suitable for parts wider than 9.8", the heavy-duty conveyor models are driven by 230/480-V spur gear motors that can accommodate 275 lbs. The conveyors are available in widths ranging from 7.9" to 31.5" in end, top or center-drive versions, the latter of which is suitable for conveyors as long as 49'.



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