Modular Design Adapts Automation For Honing

The SV-1000 vertical CNC honing machine series is based on a modular design. It is engineered to scale up from a single-spindle machine to a fully automated multi-spindle unit for precise bore sizing and finishing. Designed for part diameters of 0.120" to 2.56" (3 mm to 65 mm), the machine series can size bores to accuracies of 0.00001" (0.25 m). They are suitable for diesel fuel injectors, gears, small engine cylinders/connecting rods, hydraulic/pneumatic components and medical devices in medium and high volumes. The basic single-spindle module design allows for future automation additions with removable side enclosure panels to facilitate flow-through part processing. It is available with a fixed tooling plate or servo rotary table with 12-position rotary air union for fixture control. An industrial PC control ensures reliability and an easy support path with software-based updates and commercially available replacement parts, the company says. The machines cast-polymer base provides vibration damping and structural rigidity. According to the company, the new machine features two innovations—a servo-controlled stroking drive that responds smoothly to motion profiles generated by the control; and a load-sensing, tool-feed system that minimizes processing time by sensing where and how much to hone the bore. The stroking drive provides the flexibility and consistency in spindle reciprocation to allow a new level of process optimization, the company says. It enables the machine to do both conventional honing and single-pass honing with any tool in the companys line, using available adapters. The vertical design of the machine conserves shop floor space, requiring 95" × 91" × 107" (2,400 mm × 2,300 mm × 2,700 mm). The high-torque, belt-driven spindle is rated at 10 hp (7.5 kW) to cover a range of sizing and finishing work at speeds of 100 to 4,000 rpm.

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