Modular Machining Centers Create A Flexible Transfer Machine

The Multicenter consists of machining center modules grouped around a principal rotating table that indexes the pallets station to station. According to the company, this approach represents a flexible production system that contrasts with the classic use of multiple machining center lines, on one side, and transfer machines with multi-spindle revolver tool turret heads, on the other side. The modular components are manufactured and assembled in either standard or custom configurations. The result is a significant savings in cost and delivery time, the company says. Each machining module has a tool magazine of 12 or 20 pockets and is programmed individually. Systems can be configured to machine all six sides of a workpiece in one setup. The bed is a box-type structure designed for high rigidity and superior vibration dampening, the company says. Using a brushless motor, the pallet exchange takes place in 2.2 seconds.

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