Motor-Spindle Safety System Provides Enhanced Collision Protection

GAM will exhibit the Jakob Antriebstechnik collision protection system at IMTS 2012.

New Product From: 8/27/2012 Modern Machine Shop

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The Jakob Antriebstechnik collision protection system is available in North America by GAM Enterprises. During collision, the double-flange-designed system facilitates a mechanical decoupling of the motor spindle from the feed axis, enabling a controlled deceleration of the feed axis before a spindle overload occurs.

The motor spindle is screwed to the inner ring of the prevention system at the spindle’s flange. The inner ring is located within the outer ring, which is screwed to the machine tool’s headstock. The relative movement between the inner and outer ring is recorded at three points on the circumference in the axial direction using integrated displacement sensors. The positioning of the inner ring, outer ring and motor spindle is said to be ensured by the precisely manufactured geometry. Permanent magnets and preloaded springs provide the required mounting forces, which can range to 18 kN in the axial direction and 2,300 Nm in tilting moments (in the case of a radial load). Integrated damping elements absorb the surplus collision energy.
The collision protection system can be used on virtually all motor-spindle designs and dimensions. It requires no external power source and maintenance is limited, the company says.


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