Multi-axis Machining Increases Speed and Finish

Mastercam’s multi-axis machining offers a range of both basic and advanced strategies.

Mastercam’s multi-axis machining offers a range of both basic and advanced strategies. The software enables complete control over toolpath types, tool motion and tool axes.
The software can machine five-axis parts using spiral, zigzag or one-way tool motion. Swarf fanning and swarf machining over multi-surface floors keep the tool edge against the drive surface for a smooth finish. The software also enables multi-surface, five-axis roughing and finishing, including depth cuts, plunge roughing and flowline machining. A minimum tilt control is said to prevent toolholder collisions. The software also features special options for machining cylinder heads and converting probe data to machinable geometries.
Multi-axis machining enables complete control over the tool axis, lead/lag, entry/exit and tilt. Full entry and exit control enables users to determine exactly where and how the cutter enters and leaves your part. There is an automatic point generator that adds greater precision, as well as advanced gouge checking and a five-axis safe zone around the part.
Powerful axis limits control tool motion between defined angles, ensuring that tool tilt will not violate part or machine tool limits, the company says. Tool axis control can be refined with a few simple pieces of CAD geometry, and shank containment simplifies cutting in confined areas.

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