Multi-processing Vertical Grinder

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Taiyo Koki grinders are now available from the company. The IGV-5NA vertical grinder changes tools automatically with its six-tool magazine, which holds MAS BT-40 grinding tools up to 7.1" in diameter by 11.8" long. The tool spindle rotates up to 18,000 rpm and the main spindle rotates up to 600 rpm.  The grinder can handle workpieces that are 21.7" in diameter by 19.7" in length and weighing up to 1103 lbs. The machine can grind I.D., O.D. and face surfaces in one chucking to eliminate positioning errors and work in process.

Less clamping force is required because the part is not fighting gravity to remain in the chuck. As a result, chuck, fixture and workpiece setups are said to be easier and quicker, and roundness repeatability of ±0.5 mm (±0.000020 in) can be achieved. The X and Z axes are higher on this vertical grinder compared to a horizontal grinder, which makes it harder for dust to contaminate the sliding surface. The machine has a small footprint to allow addition of a gantry loader or robot on the side of the machine. Options include an air-gap eliminator for reducing cycle time, I.D. and O.D. gauging for high repeatability grinding, and automatic workpiece centering even faster setups.

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