Multi–Axis Turning Center Offers Increased Flexibility

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The new MT1500SZ is said to offer flexibility to machine a variety of products. This includes small and complex workpieces that require machining on all sides, as well as highly accurate machining of workpieces that mainly involves turning. The turning center can also completely machine traditional machining center parts. The machine has a 15.7" maximum turning diameter and 36.2" maximum turning length.

The standard 12,000-rpm spindle can be positioned ±120 degrees in 0.001-degree increments using the B-axis and moved ±2.8" in the Y axis. An optional 20,000-rpm spindle is available.

The machine’s subspindle allows automatic part transfer between the spindles and machining of all sides of a part without manual intervention. The standard tool magazine holds 20 tools, with 40, 60, 120 and 180 tool magazines available. The automatic tool changer cycles in 1.3 seconds.

A lower turret has a 7.4" maximum turning diameter and allows live tooling on all 12 stations.

The machine is said to minimize spindle center position displacement and ensure high accuracy in all planes. It uses a rolling guideway for the Y and Z axes, and a boxway on the X axis to provide a rigid cutting platform. The company says the orthogonal Y-axis structure allows excellent chip disposal and maintains accuracy, while allowing full use of the ±2.8" stroke anywhere along the machine travel.


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