Multiple Spindles, Turrets Cut Complex Parts

The company offers three new models of its ABX Super Turning Centers: the ABX-51TH3, the ABX-51THY and the ABX-51THB. Equipped with two spindles and three turrets, the machines are designed for efficient processing of complex parts in a single setup.   The ABX-51TH3 has two upper turrets on the left and right side, both with Y-axis controls. A lower turret, capable of working on both the left and right spindles, makes 36 tools available to perform complex front and back operations simultaneously. All the turret’s tool stations can accommodate live tools.   The ABX-51THY has the same features as the ABX-51TH3 but adds a Y-axis control to the lower turret. The ABX-51THB features an independent, B-axis lower turret that is said to simplify the machining of angular features.

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