Multitasking Turning Center Processes Complex Parts

Hyundai Wia’s LM1600/1800TT twin-spindle, multitasking CNC turning centers are designed to process complex parts in volume production runs.

Hyundai Wia’s LM1600/1800TT twin-spindle, multitasking CNC turning center is designed to process complex parts in volume production runs. According to the company, the machine is really two machines in one--two lathes and two mills. It features upper and lower turrets and available Y and C axes. High-power, built-in spindle motors as well as upper and lower turrets increase productivity. The two synchronized, facing spindles are designed to reduce idle time, and BMT-type turrets are said to increase accuracy and power.

The machine can perform multiple operations (milling and turning) in a single setup, compressing lead times and enabling smaller lot sizes to be processed efficiently and cost-effectively, the company says. Machines also can run untended, or one operator can run multiple machines. With fewer fixtures and tools, and reduced labor, non-value-added time also is said to decrease.

The turning center features a 45-degree, slant-bed design developed using finite element analysis (FEA) to ensure a stable platform for powerful, precise cutting. All axes are driven by high-precision double-nut ballscrews to virtually eliminate thermal growth and increase accuracy. The pretensioned and double-anchored design improves positioning and repeatability with virtually no thermal growth. Rapid high-speed axis movement is achieved by the use of linear-motion guideways in the Z axis, complimented by box guideways in the X and Y axes for added rigidity. This combination is designed to reduce non-cutting time and decrease machining time for greater productivity. Rapid-traverse rates measure 20/20 m/min. (787 ipm) in the X1/X2 axes, 40/40 m/min. (1,575 ipm) on the Z1/Z2 axes, and 7.5 m/min. (295 ipm) on the Y axis.

Other features include live tooling, a Q setter and tool monitoring, and  Fanuc 31iA CNC control, among other features.

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