Multitasking Turning Centers With Dual Spindles

The GS series of multitasking turning centers now includes the GS 200 MSY and GS 250 MSY Performance. The multi-axis machines feature dual-wound spindle motors with 30 hp (22 kW) on the main spindle and 20 hp (15 kW) on the subspindle. Other standard features include 10-hp (7.5-kW) live tooling with a C axis, a Y axis and spindle orient. Both the main spindle and subspindle feature integral, wraparound, high-torque motors designed for thermal stability. An oil jacket around both spindles maintains temperature control via a chiller unit, which reduces thermal growth and contributes to accuracy, the company says.   The turning centers feature a 30-degree, one-piece, cast iron slant-bed base; linear roller guideways; and fixed, pre-tensioned, double-nut ballscrews. Other standard features include spindle speeds of 4,500 rpm; as much as 518 foot-pounds of spindle torque; an 8" or 10" three-jaw chuck; bar capacity to 3.07"; a 12-station, universal VDI 40 top plate; 50-psi through-tool and headwall coolant; a chip conveyor interface; and a swing-out Fanuc 18i control with Manual Guide i shopfloor programming.

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