Multitasking VMC Processes Long Workpieces in Single Setup

The Variaxis i-700 from Mazak is a simultaneous five-axis, multitasking VMC.

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The Variaxis i-700 from Mazak is a simultaneous five-axis, multitasking VMC. According to the company, it can process long workpieces as well as those requiring precision-machined complex profiled surfaces in a single setup.  
Y- and X-axis travel measures 43.30" × 23.62" (1,100 × 600 mm), respectively. The VMC can accommodate workpieces measuring as large as 33.46" (850 mm) in diameter and 19.68" (500 mm) high. Its roller gear, cam-driven rotary/tilt table offers 360 degrees of rotation in the C axis and +30/-120 degrees of tilt in the A axis. The table is supported at both ends and provides stable, accurate machining, the company says.  
An 18,000 rpm, 30-hp, 40-taper spindle features a compact nose design to increase the machine’s Z-axis stroke to 23.62" (600 mm). This improves overall machining stability by enabling the use of shorter tools, the company says. A 30-tool ATC adds part-processing flexibility and contributes to continuous non-interrupted machining operations.

Rapid traverse rates are 2,362 ipm (60 m/min.) in the X and Y axes and 2,205 ipm (56 m/min.) in the Z axis. The MX Hybrid roller guide system incorporated on the X, Y and Z axes is designed to be durable and reliable to provide long-term accuracy. It increases vibration damping to extend tool life, handles higher load capacities, quickly accelerates and decelerates to shorten cycle times, and uses oil efficiently, the company says. 

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