Narrow-Bodied Collet Chucks

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The company's new narrow-bodied High-Speed LSK collet chucks are said to provide accuracy at high speed for demanding applications. All external surfaces are finish ground, and the holders are pre-balanced for high speed applications up to 40,000 rpm. The chucks' use of a smaller taper (8 degrees), says the company, results in improved concentricity, greater rigidity and more powerful gripping torque. Runout accuracy is held to within 3 micrometers at four times the diameter of the cutting tool (when using the company's LSK-P high precision collet). Tools up from 0.027" up to 1" in diameter can be accommodated with this new collet system. The new LSK coolant delivery system option allows for coolant through the tool or along the exterior of the cutting tool. The collet chucks are also available in the company's HSBalance balanceable system. These toolholders come pre-balanced and can be easily re-balanced, according to the company, to fine tune the cutting tool/toolholder assembly to the tightest specifications.

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