NC Rotary Tables

New Product From: 10/15/2003 Modern Machine Shop
The company is introducing a new series of NC rotary tables that are said to offer accuracy and clamping power at a low price. The new Kitagawa MR series includes three models with table diameters ranging from 6.50" to 9.84" and spindle holes at diameter 1.57" to 2.76". The series uses a new pneumatic clamping system that triples the clamping torque. It applies forces from 229 foot-pounds for model MR-160R to 443 foot-pounds for model MR-250R and is said to eliminate the need for a hydraulic source. Indexing accuracy is 20 seconds. Repeatability is ±2 seconds. The table is said to be fast, from 41.6 min^-1 to 33.3 min^-1. According to the company, the series enables shows with limited budgets to accept a greater range of high-precision projects.

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