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Flexible Stacking Cell Promote Uninterrupted Loading

Felsomat’s latest version of its Flexible Stacking Cell, the FSC 600, will be displayed with a Reishauer gear-grinding machine.

Multi-Axis Laser Processing System Uses Two Independent Workstations

The Laserdyne 606D multi-axis laser processing system, available from Prima Power Laserdyne, features two independent workstations in a single unitized structure.

Platform Centralizes Plant Monitoring Software Control

RedViking presents the Argonaut manufacturing performance platform.

3D Testers Designed to Withstand Damage from Splash Water/Oil

Euro-Tech’s line of Tschorn 3D testers are designed to remain wet in the toolchanger, resisting any damage from splash water and oil.

DNC Communication Package Enables Machine Data Transfer

Refresh Your Memory Inc. will introduce its latest version of FactoryWiz DNC offering a more powerful and varied Ethernet connection option for data transfer to and from machines acting as FTP clients, FTP servers or Microsoft SMB servers.

Multi-Stroke Honing Machines Provide Precision for One-Off, Batch Production

Engis presents the CM-2000 compact, multi-stroke honing machine and the PH-4000 and PH-5000 honing machines.

Clamping System Prevents Wrenches from Slipping

Rego-Fix presents the Intrlox mini-nut slip-proof clamping system designed to prevent wrenches from slipping off the ER collet nuts.

Elliptical Deburring Tool Offers Exchangeable Blade Options

Heule Tool’s COFA C series of elliptical deburring tools features exchangeable blade options with material-dependent coatings.

Annealing, Ablating Laser for Metals, Coated Metals, Plastics

RMI offers its 10-W laser marking system, the A-10 (20-W available).

Indexable Gun Drill Enables Faster Feed Rates

The DME indexable gun drill from Drill Masters-Eldorado Tool is manufactured from micro-grain carbide and available in several PVD wear-resistant coatings.

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